Bell 430

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Property Description

Bell 430 Enjoy a new traveling experience with the world’s most captivating medium twin engine helicopter. Apart from its astonishing aesthetics, the cabin rivaling light business jets offers an unparalleled array of choices for in-flight comfort, luxury and convenience. It features a noise-free environment and an air-conditioned leather seated interior, including a mini bar, making it one of the most enviable helicopters of its class, ideal for long distance flights or large passenger loads. In addition to its uncompromising design, Bell 430 is one of the most powerful commercial helicopters and is characterized by many technological advantages. Besides being in Greece the only commercial helicopter with an emergency flotation kit device and a wire strike protection, its two engines and two separate flight control hydraulic systems guarantee the highest level of safety for your flight


Year of Manufacturer  June 2007


Passengers: 6 or 8

 Maximum take-off weight: 4.218 kg (9.300 lbs)

Empty weight:                       2.953 kg (6.513 lbs)

Engine:                                    2 x Allison 250-C40 Turbine Engines

Length:                                    15.28m

Width:                                    3.45m (2.78m Main Landing Gear Width)

Rotor diameter:                    12.80m

Height:                                    3.71m

Max. cruising speed:            147 knots (VNE 150 KIAS)

Service ceiling:                      MAX. Pressure Altitude for VFR Oper 20.000 feet

Range:                                    290 nm

Autonomy:                            2 Hours 10 Minutes (+20 minutes fuel reserves)

Fuel:                                        1560 lbs



Property Features

  • Air conditioning
  • Internet

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